catching up – March 2019

Well, guys, we’ve made it to spring. Be proud of yourselves. That was, as they all are, an unending bastard of a winter. But now we have baseball and open windows and sweater weather. I’d say it’s also time to break out the shorts, but I had some on tonight and my daughter took one look at my legs and said ‘daddy acky. go see the doctor.’ So, you know, maybe just continue wearing pants or else my daughter will ruthlessly attack you. Anyways, another VERY GOOD month of music. Here’s what I liked best, as well as a few playlists I put together that you might want to give a little listen to if you’re looking for some new tunes in your life. Enjoy!

“Pasta”- Angie McMahon
As someone whose mother is Italian, I am legally obligated to like this song based solely on the title. That obligation aside, this is one of the finest songs I’ve heard this year, loosely about eating too much pasta, mostly about trying to figure out what you’re doing with your life. Also, the way the song takes off in the second half? I’m very much here for things like that.

“Real Thing”- Middle Kids
The thing about Middle Kids is that they are so damn good, you guys. That’s really all I have for this one. It’s perfect, as their songs tend to be, effortlessly punching you so prettily in your feelings. Also, releasing a new EP a year after dropping your debut album is something I support more bands doing.

“A Thousand Years from Now”- Fort Frances
You guys: this sounds like spring. And along with that spring sound you get some deep stuff to think about and how maybe you should make some updates to your own life, so: bonus baseball. Additionally, it just makes me really happy when my friends release very good songs.

“Satellite”- The Get Up Kids
I said this last year, I know, but I did not expect to be willing to ride hard for a new Get Up Kids song in this, the year 2019. It’s so, so good and anthemic and I can’t get enough of it. That chorus, you guys.

“Tempo”- Lizzo featuring Missy Elliott

“King James”- Anderson .Paak


Now, let’s talk about playlists…..

spring2019– Exactly what it sounds like: an ongoing playlist to soundtrack this new season. I’ll keep adding to it for the next few months, so take a listen below and/or click here to listen and follow it on Spotify.

what I liked in March 2019- the 20 best tracks I heard last month. This very easily could have been 30 songs long. Some very, very good songs here, including the return of The National, the best song Josh Ritter has written in a little while, new tunes from Wild Pink and Sun June right after they put out a few of my favorite records of 2018, an absolutely tremendous new one from Jade Bird, another one from Tallest Man on Earth that makes me think he’s writing maybe the best songs of his career, and a song from Caracara that makes me feel 17. So, dig in (or click here to listen/follow on Spotify).

cozy morning- I finally updated this here playlist with 40 songs that will sound real nice with your first 7 cups of coffee in the morning. Wait, we all have 7 cups of coffee in the morning, right? RIGHT? Listen below or click here to listen/follow on Spotify (I’m hoping to update it every month or so. We’ll see, man- that’s a lot to commit to.).


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1 Response to catching up – March 2019

  1. Carrie says:

    Love that you are back! I might add also seriously killing it!

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