Here are links to all the mixes I’ve made on 8tracks. You can also click here and look through the archives on this site (which will have a player in the post, and also tell you the tracklisting).

Current seasonal mix: 


mixes (links lead to 8tracks):

I want to hold you in the bible black pre-dawn (a mix of tunes to soundtrack lazy mornings)
it’s cold and I’ve been keeping score
(a mix for that brutally cold, desolate part of winter)
my favorite songs of 2013 (vol. 1) (vol. 2) (vol. 3) (vol. 4)

I Can Feel Them In the Air
(a collection of my favorite live/session recordings)
(a mix for coffee and lazy mornings)
the sun will burn our eyes
(a mix for early October and changing trees)

my favorite Daytrotter recordings of 2013 (second four months)

covers (vol. 8)

living in slow motion
(a mix of stuff I was listening to during the dog days of summer)
my favorite songs of 2013 so far
(my favorite songs of the first six months of 2013)
(a mix of songs that sound best while baking in the sun)
in the channels of my dreams
(a mix of tunes I was listening to as spring was being sprung)
my favorite Daytrotter recordings of 2013 (first four months)


covers (vol. 7)
(a covers mix)
my days are heavy
(a mix for that period of time when it seems winter will never end)

just building shelters in the snow
(a mix for falling snow, hot chocolate and warm blankets)
my favorite songs of 2012: 1-25, 26-50, 51-75, 76-100
my favorite Daytrotter recordings of 2012 (second half)

covers (vol. 6)
 (a covers mix)

so many minor chords outside
(a mix for changing leaves and falling temperatures)
short songs (a mix of songs shorter than two and a half minutes)
long songs (a mix of songs longer than six and a half minutes)
Go West, young man (a road trip mix)
covers (vol.5) (a covers mix)
too much summer (a mix for hot days, pools and sunburns)
summer(days)2012 (a mix for long summer days)
summer(nights)2012 (a mix for long summer nights)
My Favorite Songs of 2012 (so far) (a mix of my favorite songs from the first half of 2012)
My Favorite Daytrotter Recordings of 2012 (so far)
(a mix of songs taped for Daytrotter during the first six months of 2012)
notebook (vol. 1)
(a mix of songs that I’ve liked but somehow never featured here)
Doe Bay Fest 2012
(a mix of those artists playing Doe Bay Fest)
(a mix of songs for the gloomy side of spring)
covers (vol. 4)(a covers mix)
from the depths (a mix of songs lost in the cracks of my library)
hope is January white (a mix for the first real snow of a winter that never happened)
My Favorite Songs of 2011: #1-25
My Favorite Songs of 2011: #26-50
lost in the wild blue and the gravel grey (a mix for late nights and early mornings)
The Best of Daytrotter: The Free Years (my favorite songs from the first 5 years of Daytrotter)
brisk fall mornings (a mix for, well, brisk fall mornings)
last fall (a mix I made in fall of 2010)
covers (vol. 3) (a covers mix)
summer2011: The Dog Days
summer bbq (a mix of old and slightly new that sounds great with burgers and beer)
last summer (a mix I made for the summer of 2010)
covers (vol.2) (a covers mix)
same song, different version (a mix of alternate takes)
the other side of spring (a mix for those crappy spring days)
covers (vol. 1) (a covers mix)
last winter (a mix I made in the winter of 2010)
songs for a snow day (pretty self explanatory)

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