catching up

Oh wow. It’s been a long time.

“Funeral”- Phoebe Bridgers
I can’t wait to get so sad to this record in a few days.

“Heartbreaker”- Grappell
This is very nice.

“Sea Town”- Courtney Marie Andrews
One of the better things I’ve heard lately, this one.

“Brightest of Feathers”- Jesse Marchant
This one, too.

“Yours”- Now, Now
I know it’s about to be a wrap on summer, but one last summer jam never hurt anyone.

“Roadless”/”How It Gets In” (feat Julien Baker)- Frightened Rabbit
It makes me very happy that there is (very deliciously sad) new music from Frightened Rabbit around, you guys.

“Call It Off” (Tegan and Sara cover)- Chvrches
Yes. This is terrific.

“Queens of the Breakers”- The Barr Brothers
Really can’t wait for this new album from The Barr Brothers. We missed them more than we all think.

“Heavy Metals”- Noah Gundersen
Very interested to hear Noah’s new record when it comes out Friday. Very interested.

“Diamond Anyway”- Michael Nau feat. Natalie Prass
This is real lovely.


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catching up

There are tunes we need to talk about, you guys.

“When The Wall Comes Down” / “Domino (Time Will Tell)” – Hiss Golden Messenger
M.C. Taylor is one of the finest songwriters going today. These two new ones are terrific and much needed in this moment.

“Day I Die”- The National
Yes. Yes, this is very good. Very, very good.

“Half-Light”- Rostam feat. Kelly Zutrau
Basically just wanna get lost in this one.

“Rosey”- Bermuda Triangle
Tremendous and lovely. I love this.

“Solar Pilgrim”- Twain
A perfect song for the coming golden days.

“Walkaway”- Weaves
This is the one right now.

“Pastoral Radio Hit”- Radiator Hospital
Very into this one. Very.

“Provider”- Frank Ocean
Jam city.

“Brother”- The Rural Alberta Advantage
Very happy that The RAA is back, you guys.

“Come and See”- Lean Year
Real dreamy, this one.

“When Will I Be Changed” – Josh Ritter feat. Bob Weir
A song for the those last campfires of summer.

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Monday Links

On Twitter and Facebook I share links each day to various stuff that I think is great and/or worth people’s time. But not everyone that comes here is on Twitter or Facebook, so I gather up the best of those links each Monday and post them here so everyone can get in on the fun. If you’ve missed any of the past Monday Links (or just want to waste some time), check out the archive here.

The Tallest Man On Earth covering Joni Mitchell is a lovely thing you need in your life.

And now, a Tiny Desk Concert you very much need in your life (and that I would have posted sooner had it not been almost a month since I did one of these posts).

Big yes on this one from Son Little’s new album.

Still listening to this a socially inappropriate number of times a day, you guys.

The thing about the debut album from Phoebe Bridgers that’s coming in a few weeks is I really can’t wait for it.

Still think this Middle Kids tune is one of the best of the year.

This is a very good song by a very good band.

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just come outside and leave with me – a mix

Here’s a new playlist for these last few hot days, the ones where the light has changed, the mornings are deliciously cool and yet, by the middle of the day you’re reminded that it’s actually still summer for a bit longer. I’m ready for summer to be over, but these are the tunes that have gotten me through the last days of this annually endless season. Enjoy.

(Click here to follow/listen to playlist on Spotify.)

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catching up

Weekly tune time.

“Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas (Quiet Slang)”- Beach Slang
I love this song, whether loud or soft.

“Bondurant Women”- The Texas Gentlemen
Very much all in on this upcoming album from The Texas Gentlemen. You should be too.

“Near You”- Courtney Marie Andrews
Yes. Yes this is very nice. And sad.

“Swing”- Francis
I’ve tried really hard to convince myself it’s not summer anymore. It is. This track makes that fact a little more bearable.

“Brassy Sun”- S. Carey
Welp, this is very beautiful.

“Unraveling”- Frances Cone
This one, too.

“Stone Age”- David Ramirez
Pretty sure the upcoming David Ramirez record is gonna be a Thing. 4/4 on singles.

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catching up

These are heavy days. Let’s get lost in some music and bring some light into our lives for a bit.

“Appointments”- Julien Baker
Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. That is all.

“Thunderbolt’s Goodnight”- Josh Ritter
This is a delight.

“Same Ghost”- The Tallest Man On Earth
Dang. This is lovely.

“Up All Night”- The War On Drugs
This is an exceptional little tune from an album I can’t wait for.

“Time”- David Ramirez
This, too, is an exceptional little tune from an album I can’t wait for.

“The Dream”- Widowspeak
Not to be that guy, but this is, um, dreamy.

“Sleeping In My Own Bed”- Morly
Like a lazy late summer afternoon, this one.

“LSD”- Jamila Woods feat. Chance the Rapper
Very into this. Also: I miss being a short drive to Lake Michigan.

“Bad Desire”- Noah Gundersen
Not entire sure what we are going to get from the new Noah Gundersen album, but I’ve been super into these first two singles.

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the radio’s been playing all your songs

About a month left of summer, so here’s a mix for these dog days of summer, the ones right before the heat breaks for good, the golden hours get longer and the sunsets get better. Listen below, subscribe/follow the playlist on Spotify, or check out all the songs from all the summer mixes I put together in one playlist. Enjoy.

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