fall2016 – a mix

Well, we finally made it through that endless goddamn summer, you guys. Here are a bunch of tunes for the golden days, turning trees and sweater weather ahead. Enjoy!

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tell her I’m just dancing

We are in the final few days of this brutally long summer. Here are the songs that have soundtracked the last, dying days of it for me. Enjoy!

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catching up

Oh, hey there. It’s almost fall. That makes me happy. Also: I got married last weekend.

‘It’ll Work Itself Out’- Donovan Woods
Another new one from Donovan Woods. He is good at this.

‘Born Astray’- Balto
Well, this is one of the finer tunes I’ve heard lately.

‘It’s Not Real’- Hazel English
Very excited about this upcoming EP from Hazel English, you guys.

‘See Her Out (That’s Just Life)’- Francis and the Lights
Need this new Francis and the Lights album to be released ASAP.

‘Tiny Fires’- Kevin Morby
Kevin Morby is a machine that just continues to put out tremendous little tunes.

‘The Birds of Late December’- Luke Temple
This is about as pleasant as can be.

‘Sulphur Springs’- Conner Youngblood
Ooooo yes, this is nice.

‘Signs of Light’- The Head and The Heart
I’ve listened to this track about 85 times this week. It is great.

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Monday Links

On Twitter and Facebook I share links each day to various stuff that I think is great and/or worth people’s time. But not everyone that comes here is on Twitter or Facebook, so I gather up the best of those links each Monday and post them here so everyone can get in on the fun. If you’ve missed any of the past Monday Links (or just want to waste some time), check out the archive here.

A short, sweet Pinegrove song that’s only on the European deluxe edition of the tremendous album they released earlier this year? Yes, I would like to hear that.

Wrote about my favorite records from August for my friends over at Vinyl Me, Please. It feels real good to be done with The Great Summer Music Lull.

I’ve listened to the studio version of James Vincent McMorrow jam an inappropriate number of times. This live version is even better, maybe?

Here’s Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster playing one of the very best songs of 2016 (from one of the very best records of 2016, which will be out later this month).

This Anderson .Paak Tiny Desk Concert is basically just 15 minutes of excitement.

My, this is lovely stuff from Billie Marten.

You write a real good song about the Midwest and I am gonna listen to it over and over and never tire of it.

Lisa Hannigan is just making beautiful music, you guys.

And now, here’s Fort Frances covering ‘Summer In The City’ on a rooftop.

Oh, yeah: here’s a mix I made for some friends. It contains some of my favorite songs (and favorite recordings of those songs) and it’s made to be the perfect soundtrack for these late summer nights. Enjoy.

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catching up

Almost done with summer. That’s nice to say.

‘Coins’- Local Natives
YES. This is everything I want Local Natives to be.

‘Katchi’- Nick Waterhouse featuring Leon Bridges
More of this, please.

’33 “God”‘- Bon Iver
This album is going to be a thing.

‘Cost of the Cold’- Joan Shelley
This is about as lovely as it gets, guys and girls.

‘Carousel’- Itasca
Also tremendously lovely: this.

‘Radio’- Sylvan Esso
My god, it’s nice to have Sylvan Esso back.

‘The Stable Song’- Gregory Alan Isakov with the Colorado Symphony
Probably just gonna listen to this Gregory Alan Isakov with the Colorado Symphony record on repeat for the entirety of fall.

‘Someone to Lose’- Wilco
The thing about Wilco is they only make good music.

‘Coming of Age’- Julia Jacklin
Very much a fan of this 90’s alt-rock kinda thing that’s happening right here.

‘Diction’- Hoots and Hellmouth
It’s real nice to hear new stuff from Hoots and Hellmouth.

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catching up

And now, for the tunes.

22 (OVER S∞∞N) [Bob Moose Extended Cab Version]’- Bon Iver
Well yeah, so, this new Bon Iver album is going to be a thing.

‘Sister’- Angel Olsen
Usually 8+ minute songs are a bad idea. This is like one of 2 or 3 exceptions. Whoa.

‘Tell Her I’m Just Dancing’- Hiss Golden Messenger
This Hiss Golden Messenger album that’s coming out in October is the record I’m most looking forward to for the remainder of 2016. It’s that simple, really.

‘Rivers’- The Tallest Man On Earth
Turns out The Tallest Man On Earth has still got it. This is incredibly gorgeous.

‘In My Place’- Valley Queen
I’m growing more impatient by the day for the debut album from Valley Queen.

‘Get Low’- James Vincent McMorrow
Oh. Oh wow. This is a JAM.

‘Not Myself’- Sharon Van Etten
Written as a tribute to those tragically lost in the Orlando massacre, this new Sharon Van Etten tune is tremendous and perfect. Go buy it here and support a great cause.

‘I’ve Been So Lost For So Long’- American Football
The emo kid that lives inside of me is so happy that American Football is back (and that they still sound great and aren’t doing anything to ruin their legacy like so many acts I used to love).

‘Lionhearted’- Billie Marten
Billie Marten is 17. That is insane. Also: this song is incredible.

‘Morning Rain’- Adam Torres
Just wanna lay in bed all day and listen to this, basically.

‘Theme In Yellow’- Jeff Tweedy
I can feel fall creeping in when I have this song in. That makes me happy.

‘Drove Through Town’- Donovan Woods
You know the rules by now. Ol’ Donny Woods came out with a new song, so it goes here. (It’s good, don’t worry.)

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it might be over soon – a mix

We have reached the dog days of summer. We are firmly in them. I am tired of them, and I am tired of this goddamn season. But. BUT. Here’s a mix for these dying days of summer, when fall creeps into the early hours of the morning but the days remind you we’ve still got a month to go. They might be over soon. Enjoy.

(listen via the embedded player above or click here to listen on Spotify)

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