catching up

Long short week. Let’s talk jams.

“Habbie Doobie”- The Texas Gentlemen
This is easily the best thing I’ve heard lately and a damn good way for you to spend the next four minutes and twenty seconds.

“So Busted”- Culture Abuse
A love song, but one that acknowledges that we are all actually broken. So, perfect, really.

“Standing In The Doorway”- Hiss Golden Messenger
The thing about M.C. Taylor is that he’s so goddamn good at writing songs. Also: there’s a new Hiss Golden Messenger album coming in September and that is good news for us all (and also ridiculous, seeing as how he put out a double album last October).

“Moirai”- Lucy Rose
This is very lovely, as one would expect from Lucy Rose.

“Peaceful Ghosts”- Mappe Of
I very much like this song that sort of floats by and haunts you.

“Change”- Sir Sly
:::Right Click:::
:::Add to the playlist you’ve made to get sunburned to:::

“Wonder” (Natalie Merchant cover)- The Local Strangers
Very much here for whenever my friends want to cover jams from the 90s.

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my favorite songs of 2017 so far

Well, we’re halfway through the year, so here are 30 of my favorite tunes released so far this year. They aren’t in any order, really, but the first five tunes on the list are probably my favorite of 2017. It’s been a really good year of new tunes so far, and I hope there’s something here you love or is new to you that you fall in love with. Click here to listen to/follow the playlist on Spotify. Enjoy!

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catching up

It’s been a long while. Let’s talk tunes.

“Guilty Party”- The National
I was not super into the first single from the new album from The National, but this one? This one I am very much into.

“All Mine”- Donovan Woods
Wasn’t totally expecting it, but sure, I’m into happy, sentimental Donny Woods tunes.

“Homemade Dynamite”/”Hard Feelings/Loveless”- Lorde
I’m not here for your bad Lorde takes. She writes great tunes. Don’t try to pretend otherwise.

“Little Of Your Love”- Haim
Also not here for your bad Haim takes. This is extremely enjoyable. It’s summer. Just give in.

“You & I”- Twinsmith
Good chance this will be part of a playlist I get a sunburn to in the next few months.

“Always There When I Need You”- Salt Cathedral
Same goes for this one. This is a delight.

“Wild Card”- Cold Specks
It’s been much too long since I listened to Cold Specks.


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catching up

Been awhile. Let’s talk musics.

“Call it Dreaming”- Iron & Wine
I missed this version of Sam Beam. This is a perfect song.

“If You Need To, Keep Time On Me”- Fleet Foxes
This is very lovely. I’m glad to have new songs like this from Fleet Foxes.

“Heaven I Know”- Gordi
Pretty enamored with this song lately.

“Lady May”- Tyler Childers
I have listened to this a socially inappropriate number of times the last day or so. Thanks, Aaron.

“Need to Feel Your Love”- Sheer Mag
Consider this your Summer Struttin’ song.

“The Gold”- Manchester Orchestra
Yes, I like this. Very much.

“Glad It’s Raining”- James Vincent McMorrow
Have I made an entire 45 minute commute with just this song playing over and over? The answer is yes. You know that.


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Monday Links

On Twitter and Facebook I share links each day to various stuff that I think is great and/or worth people’s time. But not everyone that comes here is on Twitter or Facebook, so I gather up the best of those links each Monday and post them here so everyone can get in on the fun. If you’ve missed any of the past Monday Links (or just want to waste some time), check out the archive here.

Add Middle Kids to the list of artists that should cover whatever song they damn well please.

Joan Shelley: still the most lovely.

Fionn Regan and The Staves rehearsing in a hallway. Sure, yes.

This Julia Jacklin Tiny Desk Concert is a good way to spend 15 minutes.

This tune is quickly climbing up my list of favorite tunes of 2017.

File this Cataldo song under ‘Things That Make Me Smile Every Time.’

Same goes for this one from Pickwick.

Very much a fan of this Oh Wonder tune all stripped down.

Posted a bunch of summer mixes last week. Here’s a playlist with all 146 songs from the 6 mixes in one place. Click here to listen to/follow the playlist on Spotify. Enjoy!

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summer soul – a mix

Nothing sounds quite as good as old soul songs (and like one new one that sounds old) on a hot day, I’d say. Click here to listen to/follow the playlist on Spotify. Enjoy.

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summer drive – a mix

Summer is for road trips. This mix is made to soundtrack such things. I’m only a little sorry if this ends up being the soundtrack to you getting a speeding ticket. Click here to listen to/follow the playlist on Spotify. Enjoy.

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