catching up

Been about two weeks. Sorry about that. Good music things came out. Here are some of my recent favorites.

“Make Me Feel” – Janelle Monáe
Holy crap. This is the jam.

“Saturdays” – Twin Shadow feat Haim
This is a supreme jam, too.

“Nobody”- Sam Himself
The thing about this song is that I want to drive fast while listening to it.

“Without Applause”- Horse Feathers
Very, very happy these guys are back. And excited about this new direction.

“Gentle Frame”- Thunderpussy
Wonderfully crunchy, this one.

“GL”- Ratboys
We could all benefit from listening to more Ratboys.

“Missing Me”- Angie McMahon
Really hope there’s an album soon from Angie McMahon, if we’re being honest.

“Over Rainbows and Rainier”- Damien Jurado
Yep, I’m very much here for sparse new Damien Jurado songs.

“Scattershot”- Caitlin Canty
Pretty sure this upcoming album from Caitlin Canty is gonna be all heaters.

“AZ”- Now, Now
:::Right Clicks:::
:::Adds to summer playlist:::

“Tomorrow On The Runway” (The Innocence Mission cover)- Sam Beam
Lovely, as you’d expect.

“Blind Spot”- Field Report
As you know, I’m very much all in on the upcoming Field Report album. This doesn’t change that.

“Cannonball!”- Buck Meek
This is a little funky and I very much like it.

“I Promise You – Ezra’s Demo”- Ezra Koenig
Yes, it’s about a rabbit and stuff BUT LISTEN: it’s not often a song can be both a jam AND be totally acceptable for my baby’s playlist.

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catching up

Let’s talk about that good music.

“If I Knew”- Field Report
Damn. I cannot wait to hear this album.

“Moon River”- Frank Ocean
Hadn’t ever thought of this as a swirling, gospel-tinged tune, but here’s Frank making me think it should have been that way all along.

“Still Clean”- Soccer Mommy
This right here is quite the tune.

“Wait By The River”- Lord Huron
Was out on the new Lord Huron album before this song (those first two songs were…not great, Bob). Now I’m intrigued.

“I’m Tired, You’re Lonely”- Liza Anne
This one fits right in during the middle of the winter.

“Headlights and Goodbyes”- Jacob Thomas Jr.
This one, too.

“Fool For Waiting”- Dan Mangan
This is a tremendous little love song.

“Not Your Friend”- Ruler
This sounds a bit like American Football, which means it is very good.

“Follow Me”- Wild Child
This is very lovely.

“Lottery” (Acoustic)- Jade Bird
I’ve listened to this song more than any other so far this year. This new acoustic take is a delight.

“Ain’t That Fine”- I’m With Her
That new I’m With Her album has been in heavy rotation around these parts. This song has been the one that’s sticking lately.

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catching up

Howdy. It’s me. There has been good music released that I haven’t posted here previously. It’s below.

“When The Wall Comes Down”- Hiss Golden Messenger and The Blind Boys of Alabama

“Empty Handed”- Christof van der Ven
This is the best track I’ve heard lately.

“Torpedo Love”- Thunderpussy
This is 1a on the list of best tracks I’ve heard lately. Stay with it- the payoff is tremendous.

“Overland”- I’m With Her
A gorgeous new tune from one of the albums I’m most excited for over the next few months.

“Burn That Bridge”- Donovan Woods
Very excited there’s a new album coming in April from Donovan.

“Mistake”- Middle Kids
The thing about Middle Kids is they are fantastic and write fantastic songs.

“Get Out”- Chvrches
This sounds exactly like a Chvrches song and I love it so much.

“Motel”- Caitlin Canty
This Caitlin Canty album that’s coming out at the end of March has quickly become one I’m VERY much looking forward to.

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catching up

So many good new tunes lately. Let’s talk about them.

“Addictions”- Lucy Dacus
Holy cow. This forthcoming album from Lucy Dacus is going to be something else.

“Never Look Back”- Field Report
I forgot how much I love Chris Porterfield’s voice and the way he describes feelings and turns phrases.

“Miki Dora”- Amen Dunes
Oh. Oh wow. This is very nice.

“To Live A Life”/”Nothing Has To Be True”- First Aid Kit
Big yes on both of these. That new album of theirs is some kind of lovely.

“More I See”- S. Carey
Sounds a little like spring, this one.

“Mainland”- Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
And this one? This one sounds like summer.

“How Simple”- Hop Along
A big, jangly, winding, soul-searching delight. So happy Hop Along are releasing a new album soon.

“Take Me For A Ride”- Caitlin Canty
Is this country? I don’t know, man. I know it’s good. Very good.

“How to Socialise & Make Friends”- Camp Cope
You should probably get to know Camp Cope, because they are badasses and are about to take over.

“Everybody Wants To Be Famous”- Superorganism / “God Save Our Young Blood”- BØRNS with Lana Del Rey
I dunno, man. These are the two best pop songs I’ve heard so far this year. I love pop music. These are great. Whatever. I don’t have time to argue.

“Jenny Jenkins”- Mt. Joy
We can talk about what this song owes to 2011-2013, or we can just stop being cynical and enjoy the fact it’s catchy as all hell.

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catching up

Wow. Sorry for not doing one of these for the entire month of December. Gonna try and be a little better about doing this on a weekly basis or so during 2018. Anyways, let’s catch up on the tunes I think you should give a listen to.

“Lottery”- Jade Bird
This is the best two and a half minutes I’ve heard lately.

“Frame for One”- Jesse Marchant
Very ready for this new Jesse Marchant album in a few weeks. Forgot how effective he is.

“You Worry Me”- Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
Wasn’t sure what to expect with the return of these guys, but I’m very happy about this subdued-yet-driving tune.

“Night Shift”- Lucy Dacus
Really, truly couldn’t be more excited to hear this new Lucy Dacus album in March.

“PARAD(w/m)E”- Sylvan Esso
I’m ready for summer now, thanks.

“Empiricist”/”Coverings”- Typhoon
If you were thinking to yourself ‘I’d really love to be emotionally devastated by a record and then continue to listen to said record and peel back more layers of meaning which will lead to further devastation,’ this Typhoon record is for you. (It’s great. Seriously.)

“Cellophane Angel”- Dan Auerbach with The Preservation Hall Jazz Band
All. Day.

“Game to Lose”- I’m With Her
Beautiful, this one.

“May Your Kindness Remain”- Courtney Marie Andrews
Same goes for this one.

“Moonlight”- Joe Purdy and Amber Rubarth
This one, too.

“Miles Away”- Josh Ritter
We are to the point where Josh Ritter is just releasing b-sides that are fantastic and lovely just cause he can. I like it.

“Closest To Me”- Liza Anne
This is a wonderfully lonely, reflective song. Tailor made for winter.

“The Worst Way”- Donovan Woods
Same goes for this one.

“Inverness”- Marie/Lepanto
Will Johnson and Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster making rock music? Yes, I’ll listen.

“Pirouette”- Jay Som
This is a very good rock and roll song.

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my favorite stuff of 2017

I’d like to say not posting my favorite stuff until after every day of 2017 had been exhausted was some sort of thought-out or principled thing. It wasn’t. Time got weird in 2017 for me, which is what happens when your wife gives birth and you become a father and all three of you become a family. Days disappear, and quickly (so damn quickly) months do too. So anyways, this list is late because, for me, time got warped beyond all recognition in 2017.

It was the best year of my life.

It’s a weird year to say that, but here we are. That’s not to say the year wasn’t weighty, or that I didn’t get lost in an unhealthy way in the all-consuming, endless American political nightmare. I did. I still do from time to time.

But that beautiful baby and her beautiful momma and our beautiful little family made this year something different, something special, something exciting, something better than every other year I’ve experienced.

And the songs and the albums below are what soundtracked that year for me. I don’t have much of a ranking system this year, but I can tell you that Hiss Golden Messenger, Leif Vollebekk and Lorde made my favorite records, and that “Mary,” “Universal Sound” and “Slow Mover” were my favorite songs. I didn’t have a lot of time for albums of 2017, which is why the list of those I loved is about half of what it was in 2016. I had a lot of time for 3 to 5 minute songs, though, which is why that list is pretty large compared to other years. It all evens out.

There are different versions of the songs playlist, because I know not everyone wants to wade through 350+ tunes (even though I would ride for each of the ones on that list). So, the first playlist is all the tunes I liked and the second is a pared down version of 75 of my favorite tunes, with the only rule being that there could be only one song from each artist.

Alright, that’s a lot of writing. On to the tunes and albums. Hope you find something new to love in the pile of music below. Thanks for sticking around this year- I know it’s been quiet, but I’m still here, promise. Enjoy.



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winter2017 – a mix

It’s not winter here, not yet at least. Below, though, is a mix for that fast-arriving season, the one with the short days and dark evenings, when the coffee tastes best and the cold gets in our bones, when both the deep thinking and worrying gets done most efficiently. These are songs to get warm to, to move slow to, to lose time to while staring out the window while it snows and you plan out your life. They are made to soundtrack days that are bitingly cold and bright white, full of gloves and shovels and rosy cheeks. I hope you find some solace in them over the coming months. Enjoy.

(listen to/follow playlist on Spotify)

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