catching up

Oh man, have we got some tunes to talk about.

“I Won’t Run From It”- Big Red Machine
Very here for Justin Vernon doing Bruce Hornsby.

“Here It Comes (The Road) Let’s Go”- Spiritualized
Perfect for those lazy, late summer golden hours.

“Waves of Galveston”- Iron & Wine
I love when we get this version of Sam Beam.

“Delores & Kimberly”- Advance Base
I keep getting lost in this one for significant chunks of time. Like a dreamy, Damien Jurado-esque heart punch of a song.

“Groceries”- Gia Margaret
Speaking of punches to the heart/feelings. Holy hell.

“Up At Night”- Toast
A perfectly floaty tune for the dog days of summer.

“Pizza Body”- Conner Youngblood
This one, too.

“Caves”- Gregory Alan Isakov
Man, the last minute or so of this one is so damn good.

“America 2”- The Midnight
I just love Tyler’s voice in this one so much.

“Beautiful Baby”/”Unseen Girl”- Emily Brown
Very, very excited for this album.

“Low Parade Rain”- Adam Arcuragi
It’s been a really long time. It’s nice to hear from Adam and the gang again.

“How Much”- Tiny Ruins
Goodness, this is a delightful-sounding tune.

“About”- Another Michael
Another one of those perfect late-summer tunes.

“New Birth In New England”- Phosphorescent
I’d be very much about Matthew Houck making a Graceland-ish record, if that’s what this is trying to tell me he’s going to be doing.

“Habits”- Adeline Hotel
:::Right Clicks:::
:::Adds to playlist for Fall:::

“Ohio Is For Lovers”/ “Ohio (Is For Lovers)”- Lucy Wainwright Roche
Two versions of one very good song.

“Window”- Mountain Man
This is lovely.


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catching up – summer playlists edition

So, yeah, I’ve made a few playlists/mixes this summer that I haven’t shared around here (or have shared, but have continued to update), so thought I’d just go ahead and round them up in one convenient place, just for you.

summertime2018– all jams, whether those be pop jams or rock & roll jams (or somewhere between the two). I’ve been constantly updating this one all summer and there are currently 117 tunes in it. Listen/follow on Spotify.

late summer mornings – because these slower, cooler mornings deserve some quieter, cozier tunes. I’ll keep adding to this one, too, until summer ends. Listen/follow on Spotify.

golden hour vol. 1 & 2 – a few collections of tunes made with the express intent of being the perfect soundtrack for those long, golden hours just before the sun is fully down for the day. Listen/follow vol. 1 and/or vol. 2 on Spotify.

my favorite songs of 2018 (so far) – pretty self-explanatory. 25 of my favorite tunes so far this year. And then below that is the big ongoing list with the 300+ tunes I’ve loved so far in 2018 (which will include more as we go along, obviously). Listen/follow the short version or the long version on Spotify.


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catching up

Here’s the best of what I’ve heard lately.

“Yolk In The Fur”- Wild Pink
The new Wild Pink album is my favorite album of they ear so far, everyone.

“Lost Boy”- The Midnight
This + summer is a very good match, you guys.

“Keeping Time”- Angie McMahon
The world really needs the debut album from Angie McMahon to be a thing that’s in the world soon.

“Work Out”/”65th & Ingleside”- Chance the Rapper

“Hard Way”/”Easy Come Easy Go”- Glorietta
Very happy this super group is a serious thing and not some joke band, if I’m being honest. These are both very, very good.

“Your Own”- Sales
This sounds like these dog days of summer.

“Make Time 4 Love”- The Goon Sax
This, too, sounds like summer.

“Grow into a Ghost”- Swearin’
Turn this all the way up.

“What Hurts Worse”- Iron & Wine
This is lovely.

“Light on the Ground”- Valley Maker
This one, too.

“Baby”- Harvey Trisdale
Like a leisurely stroll.

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catching up

It’s been a long time. Here are the tunes that I’ve been really into since the last time we talked.

“Chemicals”- Gregory Alan Isakov
Very, very excited there’s a new album from Mr. Isakov coming in October.

“Gratitude”/”Hymnostic”- Big Red Machine
Oh. Oh wow.

“Wish You Well”- Emma Louise
Written from a male perspective, sung by a woman, put through a machine to sound like a man singing. I am here for this.

“Jewels Drossed in the Runoff”- Wild Pink
Really can’t wait for this Wild Pink album, you guys.

“The Red Door”- Restorations
Can’t wait for this one, either.

“Orchard”- LVL UP
Those horns. They do it for me.

“Golden Lonesome”- Glorietta
More like this from this super group, please.

“Ride”- Valley Queen
The debut full-length from Valley Queen comes out this Friday. Count me among those who are excited about it.

“You’re Not Wrong”- Wet
This sounds like summer.

“Me and My Friends”- James Vincent McMorrow
This one, too.

“Who Said It First”- Kississippi
This is rather wonderful.

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catching up

Let’s talk about the good tunes.

“Groceries”- Mallrat
I’ve listened to this tremendously catchy song an unhealthy amount of times over the last few weeks.

“Records”- Sun June
The Sun June record coming out tomorrow is the most perfect record for all the upcoming lazy summer days.

“Better Off”- Sjowgren
A sad little number made for the same lazy summer days as that Sun June record.

“Anchor Me Down”- Erin Rae
Add this Erin Rae tune to that same list, too.

“Gold Rush”- Death Cab for Cutie
This is a very good song. That’s all I got to say about it.

“Forever Is a Very Long Time”- Tallest Man On Earth
It’s really nice to have Tallest Man back out here writing some of the best stuff of his career.

“A Trick of the Light”- Villagers
Man, it’s nice to have new music from Villagers.

“Tide of Life”- Phil Cook
The latest Phil Cook album that came out a few weeks back is one of my favorites of 2018. This is probably my favorite track from it.

“Other Lover”- Mikaela Davis
This one fits on that lazy summer day playlist, too.

“It Might Get Dark”- White Denim
Best to just play this very loudly and dance around, I think.

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summertime2018 – an ongoing playlist

It’s not quite summer, but I’m sweating every day and you can’t really go outside to do anything but get in a pool from noon until 3 each day, so let’s just call it good. Below is the start of a playlist for this season of beaches and pools and cook outs and sunburns and air conditioning and lemonade and ice cream. It’s all jams, both of the pop and rock varieties, whatever either of those genre names might mean to you/me/anyone. Basically, there’s no sad, strummy songs. I KNOW. I was shocked I could do it, too, believe me. Anyways, listen below, or click here to listen/follow along on Spotify, as I’ll keep adding to it throughout the next few months. Enjoy.

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catching up

Here’s the best of what I’ve been listening to over the last few weeks while we moved and our baby continued to grow at a ridiculous pace.

“Percy Faith”- Damien Jurado
This is the best song Damien has put out in a long, long while, and one of the best songs of the year by anyone. Man. What a tune.

“Fallingwater”- Maggie Rogers
This is a flawless piece of work.

“Clip Your Wings”- The Dead Tongues
That new album from The Dead Tongues is one of the best ones I’ve heard this year. This gorgeous tune closes it out.

“Let It Bleed”- Neighbor Lady
The new collection of tunes Neighbor Lady just put out is one of the finest collections of tunes I’ve heard this year.

“Let’s Find An Out”- Snail Mail
Yep, this is very, very good.

“Spoil with the Rest”- Ryley Walker
This is tremendously lovely.

“There Is a Ledger”- Wild Pink
Going to be very into this upcoming Wild Pink album this summer, you guys.

“Storm Cellar Heart”- Mutual Benefit
There can never be enough beautiful Mutual Benefit tunes in the world.

“Give Yourself A Try”- The 1975
I love pop music.

“Boomin’ In Your Jeep”- Crystal Fighters
I love pop music, part 2.

“”Fake Empire (Live in Brussels)”- The National
Yep, this is still a perfect song.

“New Compassion”- HAERTS
I don’t know what I was expecting when I pressed play, but it wasn’t something this lush and delightful. What a nice surprise.

“Better This Way”- The Get Up Kids
I like a new song from The Get Up Kids in 2018? I like a new song from The Get Up Kids in 2018.



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