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‘In Spite of Ourselves’ (John Prine cover)- Kyle Morton and Danielle Sullivan

I’m a big dumb sap, so of course I love that Kyle from Typhoon and Danielle from Wild Ones got together to record this delightful little cover of John Prine’s ‘In Spite of Ourselves’ for Valentine’s Day. I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

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‘Prosthetic Love’ (Acoustic)- Typhoon

Yes, I realize I post a lot of Typhoon around here. No, I don’t care. Yes, I’m posting another video from them today (to go along with the Tiny Desk Concert from this morning). Yes, I still think White Lighter … Continue reading

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‘Artificial Light’ / ‘Post Script’- Typhoon

I’ve thought a lot the last few weeks about how exactly to write about this new Typhoon album. I’ve come up empty, really, though it’s not because I don’t love it- it is, I think, the finest record released this … Continue reading

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‘Caeser/Reed Road’- Typhoon

Not content with releasing one of the finest records of the year last week, Typhoon stopped by the Bing Lounge and played an absolutely stunning, heartbreaking new song called ‘Reed Road.’ Whoa. Enjoy.

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‘Young Fathers’- Typhoon

Each time I finish listening through the twisting rhythms, mood swings and massive dynamic shifts that make up ‘Young Fathers’ by Typhoon I come to the same conclusion: everyone in Typhoon is an insane genius (to borrow a phrase from my … Continue reading

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‘Dreams of Cannibalism’- Typhoon

Answer: Slide guitar and pounded piano. Question: What could you add to the affecting dynamic shifts, shouted choruses and Kyle Morton’s incredibly raw, painful lyrics to somehow make the songs Typhoon produces even better? Holy crap, guys and gals. Take a listen … Continue reading

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‘Artists As Fans’- Pieter Hilton and Alex Fitch (of Typhoon)

  Song: ‘Oakland’ by Genders This one is real close to the heart. When I was 15 I was begged by my friend Kristi to record her friends Maggie & Sabrina. I remember the first moment I heard Maggie’s voice, … Continue reading

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