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‘I’m Always In Love’ (Wilco cover)- Fort Frances

I love love songs, love love, am a HUGE sap and am obviously real excited to be engaged to a lovely lady, buuuuuut I don’t particularly like Valentine’s Day. But hey, let’s focus on the parts of that long list … Continue reading

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‘These Are The Mountains Moving’- Fort Frances

As tends to happen when I hear a song that I immediately fall in love with, I know where I was when I first heard ‘These Are The Mountains Moving.’ Last July on my girlfriend’s birthday we watched Fort Frances … Continue reading

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‘August And Everything After’ (Counting Crows cover)- David McMillin

A couple weeks back I got an email from my friend David McMillin asking if I had any ideas of covers he should try and learn for his debut Daytrotter session. My first suggestion on the list, I believe, was … Continue reading

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‘Habits’ (Unplugged) / ‘Chicago’ (Sufjan Stevens cover)- Fort Frances

It’s gotten cold here suddenly, the kind that gets in your bones and won’t leave no matter how many extra layers you put on or how much coffee you drink (and, if we are being honest, has really pissed me … Continue reading

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‘Artists As Fans’- Jeff Piper (of Fort Frances)

Song: ‘Last Goodbye’ by Jeff Buckley I’ve always found Jeff Buckley’s ‘Last Goodbye’ to be an example of a perfect song. For years it has been my #1 go-to track when test driving some new headphones or cranking an unfamiliar set … Continue reading

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‘The City By The Sea’- David McMillin (of Fort Frances)

The cold piano and David McMillin’s desperate, pleading voice in this yet-to-be-released Fort Frances track is sounding some kind of perfect on this bone-chilling day. The winter is hard on love, it seems. You can grab ‘The City By The … Continue reading

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‘Artists as Fans’- David McMillin (of Fort Frances)

Song: ‘Keep Me In Your Heart’- Warren Zevon Until a few years ago, the only degree of familiarity I had with Warren Zevon was singing the ‘aaah-ooohs’ of ‘Werewolves of London’ under the fuel of cheap tequila. I never really bothered … Continue reading

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