catching up – the end

I’ve thought a lot about how to end this blog over the years, even trying to do so the other year, but it’s never felt like the truly right time. Now, it does. This blog is almost 9 (three weeks from now it would have been, actually), and it’s seen me through so much life and growing up, and, as was pointed out to me this last week, has resulted in it being easier to count the number of friends I have not associated with this thing than it would be to count those that have come into my life because of it. It started in some of my most lost days, helped me through the darkest ones, and saw me out into a new life with a new partner and a growing little family and a contentment I hadn’t known before, all with the same banner image and site layout (partially out of laziness, partially because I never cared enough to learn how to do design things or pay others to do it).

As time has worn on, though, it’s felt less and less like the right place to share things, the expectation in my brain that it was for music, not life, even though the posts that were engaged with the most or made me the least alone or made me feel the most seen were the ones that had very little to do with the music, actually. As this dad thing has become life, and as we get ready to welcome a new baby boy sooner than my brain will allow me to believe,

So, I’m going to close down shop here and start up something fresh for myself, a little newsletter I’m going to call colossal expectations (from a lyric in The Hold Steady’s “Stuck Between Stations” that always lodges itself in my brain). My goal for it is for it to be a place where I’ll hopefully feel/be/etc. a little more comfortable to share things, to talk about being a parent and a partner in real terms, both the good and the hard, and what music is playing in the background and soundtracking it all. If that sounds like something you’d like to read, here’s a link to signup to follow it. I’ll get it going shortly, I promise. And if it’s not, I totally understand.

Now for the logistical stuff: this blog slowly going the way of the buffalo doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop making playlists on Spotify or stop tweeting or stop posting over on Facebook on the blogs page. Those will continue because that’s easy and it’s also how the world works. Anyhow, links to those places are over on the right side of the page, if you want to follow along in one of those places. That should about cover it. I think.

This blog contained my life for 9 years, and I appreciate you being along for it. I’ll see you around, friends.

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