an ending (of sorts)

Alright, so, yeah, this post is probably a few years overdue, in all honesty. It’s time to end this blog. I’ve thought about it a lot over the last few years, talked myself out of it each time, but as the posts have gotten fewer and farther between, and my very old computer has gotten less and less capable of putting together and I’ve gotten less time/energy to create said posts, it’s become pretty clear it’s time to just stop thinking it’s necessary to keep this blog going, even as a sporadic thing.

This blog was, in a lot of ways, the only way I made it through the last 8-plus years. It started as a way to try and escape the loneliness of the suburbs of Chicago and ended up being something that got me through some real dark times, introduced me to so many good people that I’m lucky enough to get to have gotten know and can now call my friends, and allowed me to connect with a girl in Colorado who I’ve ended up marrying and having the most beautiful baby with. It’s been the best thing in a lot of ways, but as our baby grows and life turns more and more into a blur, it’s time to say goodbye to that thing that allowed the progression of these last 8-plus years to happen.

So, all of that’s to say this is the last post of this blog. However, I’m not done loving and sharing music, because that’s impossible. I’ll still be around on Twitter and Facebook (links to those places are over on the right side of the screen- come say hi!) and updating my Spotify playlists of ongoing stuff I’m listening to and new stuff you should check out that came out during the current week and creating new ongoing playlists each season and adding to the playlist of all the songs from all the mixes/playlists I’ve made (and continue to make) over the years, but I just won’t be over here creating posts about it or worrying about what words to say about what song/playlist.

Thank you so much for reading the site, commenting, reaching out and connecting via this little corner of the internet. It’s meant more than I can really properly articulate. Be well, friends.

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5 Responses to an ending (of sorts)

  1. Anton Kieck says:

    Fantastic to see how sharing the music has helped many people, you included. I will miss your posts, but understand that life moves on (sometimes very quickly – especially if a child is involved!). Take care Adam, and keep enjoying the music, (not so many sad bastard songs on your playlists these days!). You helped me discover some great artists and songs (some are now ALL TIME Favorites, such as Hilang Child’s Chatarunga and everything by Gregory Alan Isakov). Be well and go safely to the next destination.

  2. Great final post Adam, and a long overdue more personal congratulations on your wedding and beautiful baby who’s likely not a baby anymore.

    I’ve enjoyed making and sharing memories at Doe Bay and Timber and appreciate all the new music you helped me discover. Without people like you I’d have a barren library.

    All the best in your newfound free time (even a few minutes a day adds up). I know you will make it awesome no matter what.



    En 15 oct. 2018 a 10:43 a. m., <songsfortheday > escribió: Adam posted: “Alright, so, yeah, this post is probably a few years overdue, in all honesty. It’s time to end this blog. I’ve thought about it a lot over the last few years, talked myself out of it each time, but as the posts have gotten fewer and farther between, and m”

  3. lizsamdog says:

    I am sorry that you will closing the blog, but I understand it takes a lot of time and can be all consuming, keep posting on twitter especially the new stuff to check out and thanks for making me aware of some wonderful new bands over the last years , you have given me a lot of great music to listen too I would never have found ……….
    best wishes to you and your family

  4. Jonathan says:

    Always enjoyed this site for your wisdom on new bands and songs…I’ve been periodically checking in, hanging on to one of my last remaining music blogs that got me through the last 10-15 years of new music. Thanks for all your dedication and thoughtfulness through the seasons. I’ll continue to look for you on Twitter, Spotify, and the like. It’s been fun to watch from afar how joyful you’ve been the past few years with your new wife and baby. Congrats and continued blessings to you and yours…

  5. Lisa says:

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful music you’ve shared all these years. It’s been a beacon of light in tough times and a fantastic resource to turn to when I needed something new. All the best to you and your family- I’ll be keeping watch on the twitter-verse! : )

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