catching up

Oh man, have we got some tunes to talk about.

“I Won’t Run From It”- Big Red Machine
Very here for Justin Vernon doing Bruce Hornsby.

“Here It Comes (The Road) Let’s Go”- Spiritualized
Perfect for those lazy, late summer golden hours.

“Waves of Galveston”- Iron & Wine
I love when we get this version of Sam Beam.

“Delores & Kimberly”- Advance Base
I keep getting lost in this one for significant chunks of time. Like a dreamy, Damien Jurado-esque heart punch of a song.

“Groceries”- Gia Margaret
Speaking of punches to the heart/feelings. Holy hell.

“Up At Night”- Toast
A perfectly floaty tune for the dog days of summer.

“Pizza Body”- Conner Youngblood
This one, too.

“Caves”- Gregory Alan Isakov
Man, the last minute or so of this one is so damn good.

“America 2”- The Midnight
I just love Tyler’s voice in this one so much.

“Beautiful Baby”/”Unseen Girl”- Emily Brown
Very, very excited for this album.

“Low Parade Rain”- Adam Arcuragi
It’s been a really long time. It’s nice to hear from Adam and the gang again.

“How Much”- Tiny Ruins
Goodness, this is a delightful-sounding tune.

“About”- Another Michael
Another one of those perfect late-summer tunes.

“New Birth In New England”- Phosphorescent
I’d be very much about Matthew Houck making a Graceland-ish record, if that’s what this is trying to tell me he’s going to be doing.

“Habits”- Adeline Hotel
:::Right Clicks:::
:::Adds to playlist for Fall:::

“Ohio Is For Lovers”/ “Ohio (Is For Lovers)”- Lucy Wainwright Roche
Two versions of one very good song.

“Window”- Mountain Man
This is lovely.


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