catching up – summer playlists edition

So, yeah, I’ve made a few playlists/mixes this summer that I haven’t shared around here (or have shared, but have continued to update), so thought I’d just go ahead and round them up in one convenient place, just for you.

summertime2018– all jams, whether those be pop jams or rock & roll jams (or somewhere between the two). I’ve been constantly updating this one all summer and there are currently 117 tunes in it. Listen/follow on Spotify.

late summer mornings – because these slower, cooler mornings deserve some quieter, cozier tunes. I’ll keep adding to this one, too, until summer ends. Listen/follow on Spotify.

golden hour vol. 1 & 2 – a few collections of tunes made with the express intent of being the perfect soundtrack for those long, golden hours just before the sun is fully down for the day. Listen/follow vol. 1 and/or vol. 2 on Spotify.

my favorite songs of 2018 (so far) – pretty self-explanatory. 25 of my favorite tunes so far this year. And then below that is the big ongoing list with the 300+ tunes I’ve loved so far in 2018 (which will include more as we go along, obviously). Listen/follow the short version or the long version on Spotify.


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