catching up

Here’s the best of what I’ve heard lately.

“Yolk In The Fur”- Wild Pink
The new Wild Pink album is my favorite album of they ear so far, everyone.

“Lost Boy”- The Midnight
This + summer is a very good match, you guys.

“Keeping Time”- Angie McMahon
The world really needs the debut album from Angie McMahon to be a thing that’s in the world soon.

“Work Out”/”65th & Ingleside”- Chance the Rapper

“Hard Way”/”Easy Come Easy Go”- Glorietta
Very happy this super group is a serious thing and not some joke band, if I’m being honest. These are both very, very good.

“Your Own”- Sales
This sounds like these dog days of summer.

“Make Time 4 Love”- The Goon Sax
This, too, sounds like summer.

“Grow into a Ghost”- Swearin’
Turn this all the way up.

“What Hurts Worse”- Iron & Wine
This is lovely.

“Light on the Ground”- Valley Maker
This one, too.

“Baby”- Harvey Trisdale
Like a leisurely stroll.

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