catching up

Let’s talk about the good tunes.

“Groceries”- Mallrat
I’ve listened to this tremendously catchy song an unhealthy amount of times over the last few weeks.

“Records”- Sun June
The Sun June record coming out tomorrow is the most perfect record for all the upcoming lazy summer days.

“Better Off”- Sjowgren
A sad little number made for the same lazy summer days as that Sun June record.

“Anchor Me Down”- Erin Rae
Add this Erin Rae tune to that same list, too.

“Gold Rush”- Death Cab for Cutie
This is a very good song. That’s all I got to say about it.

“Forever Is a Very Long Time”- Tallest Man On Earth
It’s really nice to have Tallest Man back out here writing some of the best stuff of his career.

“A Trick of the Light”- Villagers
Man, it’s nice to have new music from Villagers.

“Tide of Life”- Phil Cook
The latest Phil Cook album that came out a few weeks back is one of my favorites of 2018. This is probably my favorite track from it.

“Other Lover”- Mikaela Davis
This one fits on that lazy summer day playlist, too.

“It Might Get Dark”- White Denim
Best to just play this very loudly and dance around, I think.

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