catching up

It’s been exactly as long as you think it’s been since we ran through the best stuff I’ve heard lately. And by that I mean about 3 weeks. It’s always about 3 weeks. Let’s chat.

“Lake Erie”- Wild Pink
Prepared to lose many summer nights to this album.

“Delivery”- Mikaela Davis
Been really enamored with this one lately.

“Bought It”- Middle Kids
The new Middle Kids record is really tremendous.

“Motel 6”- River Whyless
I’ve listened to this song an unreasonable number of times in the last few weeks.

“Discotheque”- Sun June
Man, the easy sway of this song gets me every time.

“Supergiant”- Valley Queen
Very ready for this album, you guys.

“Pale November Dew”- The Dead Tongues
Real into this one, flute solos and all.

“Heat Wave”- Snail Mail
A perfect driving and thinking about stuff song.

“Sway”- Tove Styrke
A million more like this, please.

“Static”- Timecop1983 feat. The Midnight
Like neon lights and jean jackets coming out of your speakers.

“Badlands”- Thunderpussy
Ready to drive around with this record playing very loudly all summer.

“Lavender Burning”- Half Waif
Something about this song keeps dragging me back in (just to crush me again).

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