catching up

Welp. It’s been forever again. Here’s the best stuff I’ve heard since the last time I told you about the best stuff I heard.

“On My Knees”- Middle Kids
One of my favorite songs of 2018, this one right here.

“Somewhere in the Mountains, Somewhere in New York” – The Tallest Man on Earth
Didn’t realize Tallest Man On Earth was gonna start writing the best stuff of his career out of nowhere, but here we are.

“Pynk”/”I Like That”- Janelle Monáe
Good lord. Janelle for President.

“Sky Full of Song”- Florence + The Machine
Very here for Florence Sings Restrained Ballads, if that’s what this new album is gonna be.

“Never Say Die”- Chvrches
Damn, this is a catchy one.

“Nostalgia”- MØ
Already prepared to play this one too many times this summer.

“On the Low”- Tove Stryke
Same goes for this one.

“Talking Straight”- Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
And, if we are being honest, this one, too.

“Thunderpussy”- Thunderpussy
Sure. Let’s go ahead and turn this one way up.

“Don’t Mean To Pry”- Horse Feathers
Big fan of this AM Gold turn Horse Feathers has taken.

“Steampowered Blues”- Phil Cook
Can’t wait for this new Phil Cook record, you guys.

“Our Friend Bobby”- Donovan Woods
Donovan Woods has a new album coming out tomorrow. In related news: I’m very excited for it to be tomorrow.

“Back in Brooklyn”- Half Waif
This one is quickly climbing up the Adam’s Favorite Sad Songs of 2018 list.

“No One’s Gonna Love You (Stockhold Version)”- Band of Horses

“No Hard Feelings” (Avett Brothers cover)- Manchester Orchestra
Quite the cover right here.

“Putting on Airs”- Erin Rae
There’s something about the unhurried ease of this song that’s so engrossing.

“Who”- Caitlin Canty
Keep getting very lost in this one.

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