catching up

It’s been 3 weeks. We have so many tunes to talk about.

“Passing Clouds”- Hiss Golden Messenger
This is all sorts of funky and groovy and I am very much here for it. An A+ jam for an A+ cause.

“Young”- Sun June
I have absolutely worn this song out the last few weeks. It is 100% perfect.

“Believe”- Amen Dunes
Now this… this is a tune. Holy cow.

“Won’t Be Long”- The Dead Tongues
This one is in HEAVY rotation right now. It’s a delight.

“Summertime”- Field Report
The thing about the new Field Report album is that it’s one of my favorite records so far this year.

“Truck Full of Money”- Donovan Woods
There’s something about the bridge in this song that I can’t get over. It’s a grower and it’s a great song, because that’s all Donny writes.

“Wide Awake”- Parquet Courts
Let’s. Get. Wild. Kids.

“There’s A Reason”- Wet
I’m very happy Wet is back.

“Brace”- Twin Shadow feat Rainsford
This is a mighty fine pop tune.

“Sisters”- Natalie Prass
Very much here for the very funky and very catchy left turn Natalie Prass has taken with her tunes.

“Prior Things”- Hop Along
The structure of this song is sort of insane and all over the place and I enjoy it very much.

“Colored Glass”- Faustina Masigat
I keep getting lost in this tune. It’s a good problem.

“An Ocean”- The Tallest Man on Earth
It’s very good to have The Tallest Man on Earth back making tunes about birds and such.

“Children of the Civil War”- Tyler Lyle
This is a very good song and I’m glad my friend Tyler has officially shared it. His new EP is very good and you should buy it.


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