spring2018 – a playlist

The time changed yesterday, so while it’s still not officially spring, it’s spring. And with that unofficial start, here are a bunch of tunes I intend to keep in heavy rotation as we march through the next few months. I’ll keep adding tunes that I think fit the whole ‘hey, there’s finally green grass and sunlight and people seem happy again’ vibe of the season as we go on, so make sure to follow it on Spotify (or just check in every so often).

A note: I’m going to start doing these seasonal things this way- the ongoing playlist way- from here on out, I think. Our baby girl is just starting to crawl, and all that time and energy I used to have to spend hours worrying about transitions and order and such is all gone. And if we are all being honest, and we should be, none of us is listening to music in any specific order in 2018. Also: all these songs play well together. In conclusion: best to just hit shuffle on this here playlist.

Alright, that’s enough words. Enjoy!

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