catching up

Been about two weeks. Sorry about that. Good music things came out. Here are some of my recent favorites.

“Make Me Feel” – Janelle Monáe
Holy crap. This is the jam.

“Saturdays” – Twin Shadow feat Haim
This is a supreme jam, too.

“Nobody”- Sam Himself
The thing about this song is that I want to drive fast while listening to it.

“Without Applause”- Horse Feathers
Very, very happy these guys are back. And excited about this new direction.

“Gentle Frame”- Thunderpussy
Wonderfully crunchy, this one.

“GL”- Ratboys
We could all benefit from listening to more Ratboys.

“Missing Me”- Angie McMahon
Really hope there’s an album soon from Angie McMahon, if we’re being honest.

“Over Rainbows and Rainier”- Damien Jurado
Yep, I’m very much here for sparse new Damien Jurado songs.

“Scattershot”- Caitlin Canty
Pretty sure this upcoming album from Caitlin Canty is gonna be all heaters.

“AZ”- Now, Now
:::Right Clicks:::
:::Adds to summer playlist:::

“Tomorrow On The Runway” (The Innocence Mission cover)- Sam Beam
Lovely, as you’d expect.

“Blind Spot”- Field Report
As you know, I’m very much all in on the upcoming Field Report album. This doesn’t change that.

“Cannonball!”- Buck Meek
This is a little funky and I very much like it.

“I Promise You – Ezra’s Demo”- Ezra Koenig
Yes, it’s about a rabbit and stuff BUT LISTEN: it’s not often a song can be both a jam AND be totally acceptable for my baby’s playlist.

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