catching up

Let’s talk about that good music.

“If I Knew”- Field Report
Damn. I cannot wait to hear this album.

“Moon River”- Frank Ocean
Hadn’t ever thought of this as a swirling, gospel-tinged tune, but here’s Frank making me think it should have been that way all along.

“Still Clean”- Soccer Mommy
This right here is quite the tune.

“Wait By The River”- Lord Huron
Was out on the new Lord Huron album before this song (those first two songs were…not great, Bob). Now I’m intrigued.

“I’m Tired, You’re Lonely”- Liza Anne
This one fits right in during the middle of the winter.

“Headlights and Goodbyes”- Jacob Thomas Jr.
This one, too.

“Fool For Waiting”- Dan Mangan
This is a tremendous little love song.

“Not Your Friend”- Ruler
This sounds a bit like American Football, which means it is very good.

“Follow Me”- Wild Child
This is very lovely.

“Lottery” (Acoustic)- Jade Bird
I’ve listened to this song more than any other so far this year. This new acoustic take is a delight.

“Ain’t That Fine”- I’m With Her
That new I’m With Her album has been in heavy rotation around these parts. This song has been the one that’s sticking lately.

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