catching up

So many good new tunes lately. Let’s talk about them.

“Addictions”- Lucy Dacus
Holy cow. This forthcoming album from Lucy Dacus is going to be something else.

“Never Look Back”- Field Report
I forgot how much I love Chris Porterfield’s voice and the way he describes feelings and turns phrases.

“Miki Dora”- Amen Dunes
Oh. Oh wow. This is very nice.

“To Live A Life”/”Nothing Has To Be True”- First Aid Kit
Big yes on both of these. That new album of theirs is some kind of lovely.

“More I See”- S. Carey
Sounds a little like spring, this one.

“Mainland”- Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
And this one? This one sounds like summer.

“How Simple”- Hop Along
A big, jangly, winding, soul-searching delight. So happy Hop Along are releasing a new album soon.

“Take Me For A Ride”- Caitlin Canty
Is this country? I don’t know, man. I know it’s good. Very good.

“How to Socialise & Make Friends”- Camp Cope
You should probably get to know Camp Cope, because they are badasses and are about to take over.

“Everybody Wants To Be Famous”- Superorganism / “God Save Our Young Blood”- BØRNS with Lana Del Rey
I dunno, man. These are the two best pop songs I’ve heard so far this year. I love pop music. These are great. Whatever. I don’t have time to argue.

“Jenny Jenkins”- Mt. Joy
We can talk about what this song owes to 2011-2013, or we can just stop being cynical and enjoy the fact it’s catchy as all hell.

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