winter2017 – a mix

It’s not winter here, not yet at least. Below, though, is a mix for that fast-arriving season, the one with the short days and dark evenings, when the coffee tastes best and the cold gets in our bones, when both the deep thinking and worrying gets done most efficiently. These are songs to get warm to, to move slow to, to lose time to while staring out the window while it snows and you plan out your life. They are made to soundtrack days that are bitingly cold and bright white, full of gloves and shovels and rosy cheeks. I hope you find some solace in them over the coming months. Enjoy.

(listen to/follow playlist on Spotify)

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One Response to winter2017 – a mix

  1. lifeisbetterthere says:

    so much good stuff as usual…imma put this on for some cookie baking soon. happy (almost) winter from Oregon!

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