catching up

Sorry for the lack of action around here. I see how new parents disappear. It’s easy. Anyhow, let’s talk about some tunes I think you might enjoy very much.

“Broken”- Patrick Watson
Yes. Very excited this man is back.

“Dynamite My Soul”- Wilco
This old b-side is better than most of the new songs I’ve heard this year.

“Silent Side”- The Staves and yMusic
This is rather beautiful.

“Winter”- Rosie Carney
Grab yourself a cup of coffee and a blanket. Then hit play.

“Fool’s Gold”- S. Carey
Keep that cup of coffee and blanket around for this one, too.

“The Opener”- Camp Cope
Oh hell yes. Let’s get loud and brash.

“The Moon Rose”- Matt Pond PA
This is delightful.

“Standard”- Weller
Been very stuck on this one the last few days.

“Sunday”- Gleemer
Go ahead and fade away to this one.

“Sail on the Water”- Molly Parden
This song sounds like the golden hour.

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