catching up

:::checks calendar::: Oh. Oh no. It’s been much too long since we talked.

“Intrepid”- Pinegrove
There’s a new Pinegrove album coming sometime next year, but in the meantime they released this little tune. Color me very excited.

“Wake” / “Rorschach” / “Empiricist” / “Algernon”- Typhoon
Oh good god. Typhoon is back. This is the first ‘movement’ from their new album that’s coming in January. I could not be more excited. (“Empiricist” is THE jam out of this group.)

“Tallahassee”- Leif Vollebekk
Leif Vollebekk released one of the finest records of the year in January. Here’s a b-side from it. It is spectacular, too.

“Trouble On My Mind”- The Staves and yMusic
So The Staves are just gonna write words to go over some of their favorite yMusic compositions and then surprise us with an album full of such things in a few weeks? Cool. I’m here for that.

“You Care”- Aero Flynn
All jam here, kids.

“See You Around”- I’m With Her
Very excited there’s a full-length album from I’m With Her coming in February. So lovely, their songs.

“Kai’s Song (Acoustic)”- Overcoats
Yep, this is very nice.

“A Long Year”- Matthew and The Atlas
Will probably never tire of Matthew’s voice, if I’m being honest.

“Petal”- Hovvdy
This sounds like a lazy afternoon and I love it so much.

“Sans”- Angel Olsen
Something wonderfully hypnotic about this one right here.

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One Response to catching up

  1. lifeisbetterthere says:

    Ooof, that Typhoon tho. Can’t wait to hear the whole thing.

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