catching up

Let’s talk songs.

“Turn Out The Lights”- Julien Baker
The thing about Julien Baker is she only writes perfect songs.

“Defibrillation”- The Barr Brothers feat. Lucius
One of the prettier tunes I’ve heard this year.

“Country”- Porches
Two minutes and fifteen seconds of tremendous.

“Dog Days”- Strawberry Runners
Thanks, Tom, for introducing me to this wonderful little tune.

“Song of the Highest Tower”- Cut Worms
A real perfect song for fall, this one.

“Week 51”- Sorority Noise
This one would pair well with that Julien Baker tune from earlier. It will also punch you in the gut.

“Out Worn”- Soccer Mommy
I’m a little late on this one, but this is a very good piece of music.

“Heartstruck (Wild Hunger)”- Hamilton Leithauser feat. Angel Olsen
Two folks that can sing the hell out of a song, singing the hell out of a song.

“Acolyte”- Slaughter Beach, Dog
This song sounds like a lazy afternoon. I like it very much.

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