catching up

Oh wow. It’s been a long time.

“Funeral”- Phoebe Bridgers
I can’t wait to get so sad to this record in a few days.

“Heartbreaker”- Grappell
This is very nice.

“Sea Town”- Courtney Marie Andrews
One of the better things I’ve heard lately, this one.

“Brightest of Feathers”- Jesse Marchant
This one, too.

“Yours”- Now, Now
I know it’s about to be a wrap on summer, but one last summer jam never hurt anyone.

“Roadless”/”How It Gets In” (feat Julien Baker)- Frightened Rabbit
It makes me very happy that there is (very deliciously sad) new music from Frightened Rabbit around, you guys.

“Call It Off” (Tegan and Sara cover)- Chvrches
Yes. This is terrific.

“Queens of the Breakers”- The Barr Brothers
Really can’t wait for this new album from The Barr Brothers. We missed them more than we all think.

“Heavy Metals”- Noah Gundersen
Very interested to hear Noah’s new record when it comes out Friday. Very interested.

“Diamond Anyway”- Michael Nau feat. Natalie Prass
This is real lovely.


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