catching up

There are tunes we need to talk about, you guys.

“When The Wall Comes Down” / “Domino (Time Will Tell)” – Hiss Golden Messenger
M.C. Taylor is one of the finest songwriters going today. These two new ones are terrific and much needed in this moment.

“Day I Die”- The National
Yes. Yes, this is very good. Very, very good.

“Half-Light”- Rostam feat. Kelly Zutrau
Basically just wanna get lost in this one.

“Rosey”- Bermuda Triangle
Tremendous and lovely. I love this.

“Solar Pilgrim”- Twain
A perfect song for the coming golden days.

“Walkaway”- Weaves
This is the one right now.

“Pastoral Radio Hit”- Radiator Hospital
Very into this one. Very.

“Provider”- Frank Ocean
Jam city.

“Brother”- The Rural Alberta Advantage
Very happy that The RAA is back, you guys.

“Come and See”- Lean Year
Real dreamy, this one.

“When Will I Be Changed” – Josh Ritter feat. Bob Weir
A song for the those last campfires of summer.

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