catching up

You guys wanna talk about jams? Cool.

“In Little Fires”- The Tallest Man On Earth
This is the best song The Tallest Man On Earth has put out in quite some time. It is magnificent. I can’t wait for the rest of this little series. (Song starts about 1:30 in.)

“Thomas County Law”- Iron & Wine
I’ll be honest: it feels real good to have a reason to be emotionally invested again in Sam Beam and Iron & Wine.

“It Came To Me”- The Barr Brothers
This here is an A+ jam.

“Carin At The Liquor Store”- The National
Time to get sad. (I love this tune.)

“Pain”- The War On Drugs
August 25 needs to get here already.

“Demon To The Dark”- Son Little
Very into this soulful little one.

“The Moons Detriment”- Shannon Lay
Hope you’re ready to get sad again. (This is just absolutely lovely.)

“Sirens (Parts 1 & 2)”- Fountaineer
The debut album from Fountaineer sounds like the end of summer.

“Olly”- Cape Francis
Really can’t wait for the debut album from Cape Francis that’s coming later in September.

“Glowing Brightly”- Florist
This is a slowly unfolding delight. More like this, please. (There will be more, in late September when Florist’s new album comes out, so there’s that.)

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