catching up

It’s been…awhile. We now have a baby. A beautiful baby girl, in fact. A lot of what’s below has been what has been playing in our house the last part of my wife’s pregnancy and the first week of our little girl’s life. Parenthood is a real thing, you guys.

“Strangest Thing”- The War on Drugs
This is positively tremendous and affecting.

“Motion Sickness”- Phoebe Bridgers
Absolutely cannot wait for Phoebe Bridgers’ debut album, you guys.

“Watching From A Distance” / “Twins”- David Ramirez
Very much here for the new, ambient Springsteen-like turn in David Ramirez’s career.

“The Sound”- Noah Gundersen
Same goes for the emo-mixed-with-Springsteen turn in Noah Gundersen’s career.

“Rewind” (Echo Mountain Sessions)- Sylvan Esso
There’s a stripped back EP of songs from Sylvan Esso’s latest album coming this week and I am going to absolutely wear it out.

“You Would Have To Lose Your Mind”- The Barr Brothers
It is so, so good to hear something new from The Barr Brothers.

“Recite Remorse”- Waxahatchee
The new Waxahatchee album is essential listening, everyone.

“Showboat”- Josh Ritter
Josh Ritter is still better than most at this writing songs thing. So excited we get a new album from him in September.

“Universal Sound”- Tyler Childers
Very, very much looking forward to the album from Tyler Childers that comes out next week.

“Ascension”- Pickwick
Your summer needs this new Pickwick album. It’s all heaters.

“Pure Desire”- Sheer Mag
Your summer also very badly needs this new Sheer Mag album in it.

“The Past Is Like A Foreign Country”- Star Parks
This is wonerfully dreamy.

“What I Wanted to Hold”- Florist
Cool, yeah, needed my heart ripped out.

“Iditarod”- Cape Francis
This is very nice and I have left it on repeat a lot lately.

“Thirty”- The Weather Station
This song feels so familiar and dusty and relevant and perfect.

“Interstate Vision”- Lomelda
Yes. I am very excited about this and like it very much.

“Waste”- Oh Wonder
I have listened to this a socially inappropriate number of times.

“Pain”- The Texas Gentlemen
More that sounds like this, please.


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