catching up

It’s been a long while. Let’s talk tunes.

“Guilty Party”- The National
I was not super into the first single from the new album from The National, but this one? This one I am very much into.

“All Mine”- Donovan Woods
Wasn’t totally expecting it, but sure, I’m into happy, sentimental Donny Woods tunes.

“Homemade Dynamite”/”Hard Feelings/Loveless”- Lorde
I’m not here for your bad Lorde takes. She writes great tunes. Don’t try to pretend otherwise.

“Little Of Your Love”- Haim
Also not here for your bad Haim takes. This is extremely enjoyable. It’s summer. Just give in.

“You & I”- Twinsmith
Good chance this will be part of a playlist I get a sunburn to in the next few months.

“Always There When I Need You”- Salt Cathedral
Same goes for this one. This is a delight.

“Wild Card”- Cold Specks
It’s been much too long since I listened to Cold Specks.


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