catching up

Time to escape into some music.

“If We Were Vampires”- Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit
If this doesn’t make you feel things then I don’t know what you’re doing with your life, man.

“In The Summertime”- The Head and The Heart
I’ve loved this song for a long time. Still do. (Here’s the original version for comparison’s sake.)

“How to Boil an Egg”- Courtney Barnett
Yes. This is great.

“SGL”- Now, Now
:::::adds to playlist for summer:::: Ahhhhh, that’s nice.

“We’d Be Home”- Joan Shelley
Lovely love song, this one.

“Maybe A Moment”- Justin Townes Earle
Very, very excited about the new album from Justin Townes Earle that comes out next week. (You can get an early listen here.)

“Coffee”- Jodi
Kind of a hazy blur, much like life lately. Big fan.

“Down By The River”- Vikesh Kapoor
It’s been much too long since we heard from this man.

“Seventeen”- King Cardinal
Spent a lot of time lately playing this one very loudly. No regrets.

“No Curse”- Waxahatchee
Need to drive very fast to this song soon, I think.

“Turn The Skies Of Blue On”- Fionn Regan
This is two minutes and nine seconds of perfection.

“May I Have This Dance”- Francis and The Lights feat. Chance the Rapper
Everything Chance touches turns to gold.

“Bound”- JMR
This one’s ready for summer.

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One Response to catching up

  1. Rachel says:

    I’ve followed your “What I’m Listening To” Playlist on spotify for a long, long time, and it’s always stellar, but man, what you’ve got up there right now is dominating my ears these days (lots of the songs you just listed here). I’ve basically just got that playlist on repeat these days. I know how time consuming blogging is, thanks for keeping with it.

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