catching up

Music is all we got.

“Low Hey”- Chris Bathgate feat Tunde Olaniran
This is the best 3 minutes I’ve heard lately.

“America, Goodnight”/”Straight Up Western (White Noise)”- Cataldo
This new Cataldo record is really exceptional, you guys.

“Want You Back”- HAIM
I don’t give a shit: I love Haim. They are better at this than everyone else. Please keep your bad Haim takes to yourself.

“Turned Over To Dreams”- Daniel Martin Moore
With a little girl on the way at the end of July, you better believe I’m going to be listening a whole lot to this new Daniel Martin Moore collection of lullabies.

“Holy”- Jamila Woods
This. All day.

“Gwan”- Rostam
Jam, this one.

“What If We’re Wrong”- Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams’ b-sides are better than most of what makes up other artists’ albums.

“The Glow”- Sylvan Esso
New Sylvan Esso album was worth the wait and anticipation. Somehow. It’s so damn good.

“Dusty Eyes”- Bedouine
Go ahead and get lost in this one.

“Sheep”- Mt. Joy
A little late to this one, but this is fantastic and you should listen to it.

“My Friends”- Oh Wonder
Gonna play this new Oh Wonder album so much this summer that both my wife and my newborn will be tired of it. I can just feel it.

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