catching up

Let’s talk about the good stuff that’s come out since the last time we found ourselves here.

“Time On Her Side”- Future Islands
This new Future Islands record gets better each successive time through. You need it in your life. Loudly and on repeat.

“Turncoat”- Pickwick
Let’s get weird, kids.

“Your Love”- HAERTS
A little late on this, but holy hell is this gonna be playing loudly most of the summer.

“Lifetimes”- Oh Wonder
This one, too. Jam city.

“Laminated Cat”- Jeff Tweedy
An entire album of Jeff Tweedy playing Wilco, Loose Fur and Golden Smog songs? Yep, I’m in.

“The Hours”- Abram Shook
This is very nice and I have listened to it a socially inappropriate number of times lately.

“Mythological Beauty”-Big Thief
Looks like Big Thief is going to release one of the better albums of 2017 after releasing one of the better albums of 2016. Some artists are just good like that.

“Final”- Wilsen
Just wanna drink coffee and listen to this on repeat.

“Halfway Home”- Broken Social Scene
Gonna probably drive fast to this song a couple or 5 times this summer.

“Gone Away”- Stolen Jars
All jumpy and spastic and vibrant, just like spring.

“Fortunate Child”- Villagers & Nico Muhly
Well, this is haunting and lovely.

“High Times”- Casey Dienel
Go ahead and get lost in this one, y’all.

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