catching up

A couple good ones, just for you.

“Where I’ll Find You”- Joan Shelley
Joan at her loveliest.

“Person You’d Be Proud Of”- Cataldo
Love everything about this here tune.

“Gonna Hurry (As Slow As I Can)” (Dolly Parton cover)- Whitney
This is very good, yes.

“The Truth Is a Beautiful Thing”- London Grammar
Simple and altogether nice, this one.

“Bad For You”- Kelli Schaefer
Kelli Schaefer released a really fantastic, exciting album a few weeks back and you should listen to it.

“Lucia” (Live)- Hiss Golden Messenger
A new, FREE live album from Hiss Golden Messenger is reason enough to post one of my favorite songs from them (it’s been sufficiently jammed out here and is tremendous in every way).

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One Response to catching up

  1. lizsamdog says:

    as always some beautiful cuts there , I finally managed to see Gregory Alan isakov on Monday when he and his amazing band played the Bodega in Nottingham only the second time he has come to our city, just wonderful .

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