6 years? 6 years.

Today is the sixth birthday of this here blog, and as I do every year on this day, I’d like to get a little sappy and such. So, first: thanks so much for coming around here, following along, listening along, leaving comments, lurking, or whatever it is you do around these parts- as I say every year, I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. It’s been a long journey from the first post to here (even if the header image and look of the site hasn’t changed due to my technological ineptitude/laziness), and I hope you’ve found a new song or 37 along the way.

Below is a playlist with all the songs from all the playlists I’ve posted along the line, or at least all those that were on Spotify (click here to listen/follow on Spotify). It’s 1100+ strong and almost 70 hours long. These are the songs that have soundtracked my life during the life of this blog, and hopefully played a part in yours, too. These are the tunes that took me from one life to another, and they’re the songs that’ll be a heavy part of the soundtrack when we welcome our baby girl into the world this summer. While I’ve been excited to share these tunes with you (even the ones that haven’t aged all that well- we all make mistakes), I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am to introduce my daughter to them (but only the good ones- I don’t need her making fun of me later).

Alright, that’s all I got this year. I’ll see you next year with more sappy words. Thanks again for coming around these parts over the last 6 years.



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One Response to 6 years? 6 years.

  1. Adrian says:

    Awww–it’s a girl. Maybe I knew that or maybe not, but that’s great. I’m excited for you guys.

    Also, she’s definitely going to make fun of you later! Maybe not for music but she’s your kid! There’ll be something!

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