catching up

Let’s call this one the ‘Music I’m Excited About That’s Coming Out In Early 2017’ edition. It’ll include reposts of a few tracks. I don’t care. They are jams.

‘Near To The Wild Heart Of Life’- Japandroids
Real Talk: this is the album I am most excited about in the first few months of 2017.

‘To Be Without You’ / ‘Do You Still Love Me?’- Ryan Adams
Holy hell, these are good. This album is going to be very sad, and very good.

‘Elegy’- Leif Vollebekk
Having had the good fortune of hearing this album, you should be VERY EXCITED about it. Goodness.

‘The Arrow and the Aim’- Nadia Reid
Well, this is rather nice and I am excited to hear a full album of it.

‘Radio Kids’- Strand of Oaks
The evolution of Strand of Oaks has been one of my favorite things over the last 5+ years. It looks like it’s only going to get more awesome.

‘Bottle Rockets’- Kim Janssen
Lovely, this one.

‘Berlin’- Bear’s Den
There’s no new album on the way, but this…this is what winter is sounding like right now. Enjoy.

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One Response to catching up

  1. Adrian says:

    a) A bunch of these tunes are good.

    b) When my son woke me up a bunch of times last night, every single time, that dumb Japandroids song started playing in my head. Thanks a lot, Adam!

    (To be clear it’s only dumb because it was a middle-of-the-night earworm.)

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