my favorite songs of 2016

That time of year again, the part where I tell you what I liked best. Below are the songs that stuck with me this year, the ones that got me through, the ones that meant something. Maybe they meant something to you, too, or maybe they are new to your ears. Either way, I hope you enjoy them. I’d love to hear what your favorites were in 2016, so please don’t hesitate to share in the comments. Enjoy!

First, a few tunes I loved very, very much but aren’t on Spotify, so they don’t show up in either of the lists below.

Alright, on to the playlists. First, a playlist of 50 of my favorite songs of 2016. And below that a playlist of every song (more than 200) that I loved during the year. I felt like 50 was a little more manageable for casual listening, so maybe start there? I dunno. Either list is full of the stuff that meant the most to me, so I don’t think you can go wrong. Listen to/follow the 50 song version on Spotify by clicking here, and listen to/follow the full version on Spotify by clicking here.

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