catching up

The Cubs won the World Series last night. I’m still don’t fully understand this new world we now live in. Anyways, tunes.

‘Elegy’- Leif Vollebekk
In a year that seemed to include a new album from every artist I was hoping to get a new album from (and many I didn’t even know I wanted), Leif Vollebekk was a notable absence. That all change in February, and the first track from the album lets us know it’ll be worth the wait.

‘Near To The Wild Heart Of Life’- Japandroids
Japandroids were also on that list of notable 2016 albums that never came to fruition. Well, they are back with a new batch of loud, sweaty, brash anthems in January, and that makes me real, real happy. Now all I need is something new from Phosphorescent and I will have nothing more to ask for, really.

‘See You’- Lady Lamb
I missed Lady Lamb so much. This is absolutely tremendous.

‘Which Will’- Amber Arcades
And then sometimes your friends send you things that lodge themselves in your brain for days on end. Thanks, Dainon. Enjoy.

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