catching up

It’s been too long, you guys.

‘You Don’t Know Me’- The Cave Singers
1000 more like this, please.

‘Beautiful Strangers’- Kevin Morby
A really great tune (which is all he ever writes), for a really great cause.

‘Folk Hero’- Loamlands
This new Loamlands album is one of the finest I’ve heard this year. That voice.

‘Out On the Weekend’- Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
I like this very much.

‘The Middle’- Wet
New tunes from Wet? Cool. Yes. Will listen.

‘Make It Better’- Hazel English
If I didn’t hate summer so much I’d say this song makes me wish it was summer again.

‘The End’- Daughter
Always up for listening to new a Daughter track and feeling things. Always.

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One Response to catching up

  1. lizsamdog says:

    thanks for sharing the Loamlands . what a great listen i think they are going to be a huge find

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