catching up

We have the tunes.

‘See’- Restorations
I’ll shoot you straight: this is one of the best songs I’ve heard this year. (Thanks, Paul.)

‘Laid Low’- Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster
Got a feeling this debut album from Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster is going to be very special. This…this is a tune.

‘Done’- Camp Cope
Why yes, I did spend most of the day listening to the latest album from Camp Cope thanks to a rec from my friends over at Wake The Deaf. I may do it again tomorrow.

‘Memories’- The Midnight
You very likely need a soundtrack for these (hopefully) last few weeks of summer. The Midnight’s new album is perfect for that, so you should get it in your ears.

‘Spray Paint’- Donovan Woods
You know the rule: if Donovan Woods posts a track, it gets posted here.

‘The Spoils’- Massive Attack feat. Hope Sandoval
All. About. This. Tune. Right. Now. (Thanks, Tyler.)

‘Never Going Home’- Hazel English
This song is a perfectly hazy late-summer tune, yes it is. Real excited for her debut EP in October.

‘Seven Words’- Weyes Blood
Let’s get summertime sad, you guys. (This is so good, mannnnn.)

‘Golden Age’- Chris Staples
Just wanna let you know that the album Chris Staples is releasing next week is great and you will love it very much. This is the title track, and it’s wonderful.


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