catching up

Real fruitful week, this one.

‘Master & a Hound’- Gregory Alan Isakov and the Colorado Symphony
This collaborative album comes out tomorrow and I think it’s going to be the most beautiful thing we hear all year.

‘Villainy’- Local Natives
It’s so damn good to have Local Natives back, you guys.

‘They Want More’- Ages & Ages
Same goes for Ages & Ages. Can’t wait to hear their new album.

‘Life Or Just Living’- Caveman
Feel like this upcoming Caveman album is the one we’re all gonna need to be sure to add to our summer music rotation.

‘Prayer for the Dying’- Lisa Hannigan
Well, this is just tremendously lovely.

‘Auld Wives’- Bear’s Den
Color me intrigued for this new Bear’s Den album.

‘Home Game’- Waxahatchee
A collection of early recordings from Waxahatchee? Yes, please.

‘High Lonesome’- Adam Torres
This sounds like a lazy summer evening. I like that.

‘Intern’- Angel Olsen
Well, appears this new Angel Olsen album is going to be a thing.

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One Response to catching up

  1. Anton says:

    Hey Adam, the Gregory Alan Isakov album has just become my most anticipated album of the year. Thankfully I pre-ordered it on vinyl, so cannot wait for it to wing it’s long way across the globe to me in South Africa, where we are halfway through winter. But still all connected with the music. Love the blog.

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