Below you’ll find a few mixes I put together to soundtrack summer, which won’t be here officially for a few weeks, but screw it, I’m done with spring and it’s getting hotter and so it’s time for electro-pop jams and songs about summertime crushes and whatnot. As always, these are divided into two distinct mixes- one meant for the beach/getting sunburned, another for long drives at dusk or drinking on the back deck with your friends. I think these mixes cover the most amount of territory of any of the mixes I’ve ever made- starts with Kanye and Chance, has The Boss in the middle and features ‘Motorcycle Drive By,’ a song I’ve been trying to fit on a mix for years, towards the end. I’m real happy it’s summer, and I’m real happy with these mixes. Hopefully they can help to soundtrack your upcoming endless summer. Enjoy!

Links to listen:
Spotify- days / nights
Apple Music- days / nights

Huge, huge thanks to my friend Liz, who is a wonderful person and lover of good music and put together each of the mixes on Apple Music for you to enjoy. She’s the best.

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