catching up

Oh. Hey there.

‘The Lights Just Buzz’- Birger Olsen
This new album coming from Birger Olsen? It’s tremendous and you will love it.

‘Umpqua Rushing’- Blind Pilot
It’s real, real nice to hear new stuff from Blind Pilot.

‘Need A Friend’ (Wye Oak remix)- EL VY
Big time yes to this remix (and I hate remixes).

‘Don’t Need To Be Them’- The Sun Days
What summer sounds like, distilled down to a little more than three and a half minutes.

‘Shadows’- Doe Paoro feat Sun Little
Very smooth. Very good. Very much just want to listen to this on repeat.

‘Piano Player’/ ‘Goodness Pt. 2’- The Hotelier
This new album from The Hotelier makes me want to be young and brash and overly-emotional again. It’s one of my very favorite albums released in 2016.

‘All We Got’/ ‘Blessings’ / ‘Same Drugs’ / ‘Summer Friends’- Chance the Rapper
Don’t know anything about rap/hip hop, but the mixtape Chance the Rapper released a few weeks back is as good as everyone says it is. It’s very likely my favorite thing I’ve heard this year. Good god.


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