catching up

It’s been too long. Time for tunes.

‘Soft Animal’- The Hotelier
I have left this song on repeat for hours the last few days, that anthem of a chorus bringing me back over and over and over. Positively Japandroids-y (in the best way possible), this one.

‘Humbug Mountain Song’- Fruit Bats
Not sure I’ve heard anything this catchy in a good long while, and I’m positive I’m more excited about this record coming out than any other in the next while.

‘Little Gain’- The Heligoats
If there was a song catching than ‘Humbug Mountain Song’ that I’ve heard lately, it’s this one. Damn.

‘Loose Ends’- Star Parks
You should be very excited about the Star Parks album that comes out next month. Seriously. You’re going to love it.

‘Hold On’- Portage
Really missed Portage, you guys.


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