catching up

Some songs to listen to as you wait for everyone to stop pretending SxSw is a good time.

‘Rain’- Foals
Grade A Jam. 10/10. Want more.

‘Gimme Your Love’- Motel Radio
This is one of those cases where something pops up in my newsfeed and I press play cause I’ve got nothing better to do and then I’m blown away and listen to it 10 times straight through and am very happy. May it do the same for you.

‘Had 2 Know (Personal)’- White Denim
This new White Denim album is going to be the soundtrack to a lot of poor decisions made this summer, I can just feel it.

‘Postman’- Sam Moss
Well, this dusty, twangy little number is an unexpected delight (and a wonderful step forward from Sam as a songwriter). Excited to hear this album.


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