catching up

Has been a fruitful week for stumbling upon the musics, kids.

‘Take The Wheel- Fort Frances
My friends in Fort Frances put out a new song last week, which nicely coincided with the launch of the PledgeMusic campaign they are running as a pre-order for their tremendous new album. I’ve heard it and been sent a cd of it (thanks, guys) and I still pre-ordered the vinyl because it’s that damn good. Go get it, everyone.

‘Theoretical Girls’- Star Parks
I have listened to this song approximately 50 times this week. It sounds like the most perfect song for this very moment when winter is almost over and spring starts next week.

‘Empire Builder’- Laura Gibson
Hey, sorry, this song is about to clobber/destroy you.

‘Strip Mine’- The Cave Singers
Yep, pretty much all about the relaxed groove of this one right here.

‘Masterpiece’- Big Thief
I am what the kids call ‘slightly late’ to this one, but holy hell is this a good, crunchy jam.

‘Brace For Impact (Live A Little)’- Sturgill Simpson
No, I haven’t been on the Sturgill bandwagon previously. Yes, I’d like to hop aboard now.

‘Troublemaker Doppelgänger’- Lucy Dacus
Yeah, so this new Lucy Dacus album is one of the most pleasant surprises I’ve come across lately. This track is fire, as the youths say.

‘Problem’- Hovvdy
This sounds like a lazy summer afternoon. I love it.

‘Pool Party’- Julia Jacklin
This one has just kinda been floating around for the last few days, popping up in my playlists and getting stuck in my brain. I am not complaining.

‘Valley Clouds’- Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop
Just want to lay down in the green grass and listen to this over and over, you guys.


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