catching up

Tunes. Let’s talk about them.

‘Logic of a Dream’- Explosions in the Sky
The first half of this song makes me want to run through a brick wall. The second half is great, too. I love Explosions in the Sky so much.

‘Copper Mines’- Mothers
Yep, so the album Mothers released last week has very quickly become one of my favorites of 2016, all delicate beauty and quiet strength. Perfect music for spring.

‘Get Out’- Frightened Rabbit
Cool, yeah, so this new Frightened Rabbit album is shaping up to be something tremendous and gutting. Raise your hand if you’re excited. ::::RAISES HAND ENTHUSIASTICALLY::::

‘Not For Nothing’- Mutual Benefit
It’s been far too long since we had a new album from Mutual Benefit. I’m so glad he/they will be back with a new one come May.

‘Lost In The Light’- Quiet Life
Had the windows open and this song on repeat for about an hour today. Won’t be the last time that happens .

‘Never Going Back’- Caveman
:::::Right click, add to folder titled ‘SONGS TO DRIVE FAST TO THIS SUMMER’:::

‘Washed Up’- South of France
This is such a wonderfully catchy jam, yes it is. (Also filing this one away for summer, but probably the part of summer where I’ve gotten a horrible sunburn and just look through the windows at summer happening outside.)


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