catching up

no time for chit-chat- it’s time for tunes.

‘Aphasia’- Pinegrove
GREAT NEWS: that new Pinegrove album is out and it’s tremendous. BAD NEWS: I’m probably not going to shut up about them for a long time. But really: go buy that album, you guys.

‘Capsized’- Andrew Bird
A little less weird, a little more drawing on old funk grooves, and yet all the while it sounds exactly like Andrew Bird. More, please.

‘Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah)’- White Denim
Speaking of impossibly catchy old funk grooves….

‘Every Songbird Says’- Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop
Well, this is tremendous lovely. ‘I can close my eyes and find you anywhere.’

‘Still Life’- Fountaineer
Ready to get mesmerized for 5 minutes? Cool, this should do the trick. (Also: very much need to drive very fast on a dirt road in an old muscle car to this during the coming summer. #squadgoals)

‘Sugar Daddy’- Sturgill Simpson
Hey, who wants to go drink a bunch of cheap whiskey and find a bar fight to get in?

‘What Kind Of Love Is That?’- Donovan Woods
I’m looking forward to this Donovan Woods album more than I care to publicly admit.

‘Twentynine Palms’- Carton Tanton feat. Sharon Van Etten
You’re gonna be like ‘Yeah, that’s a really nice song, Adam.’ and think you’re done with it and then you’re gonna find yourself thinking about it 5 hours later.

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