catching up

Time for a weekly round-up of the good stuff.

‘What Light (Never Goes Dim)’- Aidan Knight
Because sometimes you hear a great song for the first time and know that it’s going to lead off a mix you make at some point in the future. Couldn’t love this slow-building gem any more if I tried.

‘How’- Daughter
Daughter released their second full-length last week and it’s confident and dynamic and full of feelings and just generally exceptional from start to finish. A perfect winter soundtrack, really.

‘Never Moved’- Tom Misch
This is what three minutes of perfection sounds like.

‘Peanuts’- The Suffers
Did I listen to this very, very loudly on repeat while dancing around my kitchen cooking dinner tonight? There’s a good chance of that, yes.

‘Cool Out’- Matthew E. White feat Natalie Prass
Goddamn, the groove on this song is so good.

‘The Love That We Need’- Hayes Carll
Yes, yes this is all sorts of sad and lovely.

‘Love Is Blind’-Låpsley
You know who’s about to be a star? Låpsley.

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