catching up

Let’s talk about tunes, guys and gals.

‘Old Friends’- Pinegrove
So, yeah, I wrote yesterday about not really being excited about music and all that last year….and then this track shows up a few days into the new year and holy hell I am all about this. All jangly heart and plainspoken truth, this one has been on repeat for a the better part of a week and is the first song from 2016 that I’ve been compelled to send excitedly to every friend who might enjoy it. Keep an eye on this band (and go grab their back catalog for a $1 on Bandcamp– it’s terrific, too).

‘Summer Salt’- Summer Salt
This sounds like a breezy summer day, which is nice cause it for sure ain’t summer outside here.

‘New Starts In Old Dominion’- Bent Shapes
This one sounds like summer, too, and I love it for that.

‘Fool’- Basia Bulat
Basia Bulat can do no wrong and I’m powerless against that voice and her charm. (I love this, obviously. There’s not much to discuss.)

‘Just Like A Woman’ (Bob Dylan cover)- Jeff Buckley
Hey, you want your heart to hurt a little bit (or a lot)?

‘Meet Me In The City’- Bruce Springsteen
Just a quick reminder that Springsteen used to throw away songs that were better than most bands could ever hope to write. This one needs to be turned up loud and driven fast to.

‘Disintegration Anxiety’- Explosions in the Sky
Ohhhhh shit, guys. Explosions in the Sky is back. They. Are. Back.

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