catching up

Oh wow. It’s been FOREVER since we did this, hasn’t it? Let’s talk about songs again, you guys.

‘All The Ways’- Wet
I didn’t do one of those ‘ones to watch in 2016’ posts because I honestly don’t know who you should be watching out for….EXCEPT for Wet. You should be watching out for them. They are about to be huge. They are awesome. This song is awesome.

‘The First Time’- Donovan Woods
Probably the album I’m most looking forward to in the first few months of 2016 is the one from Donovan Woods.

‘North & South’- Hey Marseilles
Let’s get good and sad, okay? (Goddamn do I love the sadly sweet songs Matt Bishop writes.)

‘Race Car’- John Heart Jackie
This John Heart Jackie album is shaping up to be one of the most pleasant surprises of early 2016, I think. Make sure it’s on your radar.

‘But Enough of That For Now’- Vandaveer
No matter how much I grow away from the kind of folk music that I loved so much when I started this here blog, there will always be room for the kind of gorgeous harmonies and earworm rhythms found in this here song.

‘Cut The Rope’- Del Water Gap
Horns and an organ and a harmonica? Yes, please.

‘Downtown’- Majical Cloudz
This isn’t new, really, but it’s been on repeat for about the last month. What a perfect, perfect song to find as 2015 closed down.

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