Sneaking Up On Solstice – a guest mix from Kayla Dawson

Oh, kids, this is a real good one put together by one of my favorite humans: Kayla Dawson. She’s from the great white north of Canada, takes real pretty pictures and is one of the most interesting and altogether good people I’ve been lucky enough to meet. This mix covers a whole lot of ground, all of it good. Turn up the volume and get lost in it. Enjoy!

I can’t figure out why the 8tracks player won’t embed in the site (I’ve tried it every way and it won’t show), so make sure you click right here and go listen to it on 8tracks proper. It’s so, so good..

What is this joy in listening to a mix for one of the last times before forcing yourself to finalize it? All the way down to the slightly awkward transition between two songs that you convince yourself isn’t that bad because you’re laying in bed after a long travel day and you must sleep. A post-home-for-the-holidays cold is coming on. Must rest. Must sleep. Must stop writing an email to your friend to nerd out about the best way to choose and sequence about 20 songs. Must stop. Don’t wanna. It was a good year, overall. This was 2015…

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